Born in 1962 in Antwerp, Belgium, and already as child fascinated by aviation and technology.

Reached the aviation technology and aerodynamics in the seventies via the model aircrafts.

Started in 1980 with gliding.

Studies electronics completed in 1984 and a career as electronic engineer in several small and bigger companies.

Together with my professional career I was continuously active as gliding instructor tug pilot and technician by Albatros on Airfield Kiewit, Hasselt in Belgium.

1990 Technical inspector gliders,

1992 Glider instructor

1995 Private pilot License power planes, tug pilot on several types

2006 Non Type certified aircrafts South Africa by Wings 'n tracks

2010 after an experience of 3000 flying hours, 10.000 landings and a technical background of 30 years, the time was right to start to share my experience with other aviation enthusiasts, and ART-engineering was born. "ART" stays for Aviation Related Technics and ART is pointing to the way to find out creative solutions to solve quick and efficient technical problems.

My experience as electronic engineer helps me now very well by installations of avionics and other instruments.

30 years of experience in maintenance of light aircrafts, constructed from wood and fabric, as well the modern aircrafts constructed in fibreglass and carbon.


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