On this types of aircrafts I have a rating.

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Rhönlerche (Schleicher Ka4)

The "Lerche" was a basic trainer in many gliding clubs in the 50's till the 80's.  Albatros Gliding club keeps them in service till 1985.  I made my first solo flight with the Leche OO-ZKI in July 1982.  The glide ratio of the Lerche is about 18... The registration of the two others was OO-ZLU and OO-ZEW.


Schleicher Ka8

Like many glider pilots the Ka8 was my first singel seater. The OO-ZCK was in service by Albatros from 1978 till 2009.

First one hour flight, 5 hour flight, 50km flight aswell first competition experiance I made with the Ka8.

OO-ZKR, OO-ZIJ, OO-ZGV, were the other Ka8's in the club before Albatros converted his air park to composite gliders in 2009.

Grob G102 Jeans Astir

My first acquaintance with composite gliders, my first flight with the OO-ZEX was on May 3th 1989.

Rolladen-Schneider LS1 D

My first flight on the LS1 was on September 1989.  I flew 100 hours in cross-country flights and participated in the 90's in several regional competitions with the LS1. The two LS1's of Albatros were the OO-ZBP and the OO-ZPA.

Schempp-Hirth Cirrus 75

From 1976 till 2002 in service by Albatros, my first flight on the "66" was in July 1990.  200 hours and about 7000 km cross-country I made with this brilliant little glider.

Rolladen-Schneider LS4

Albatros gliding club owns 3 LS4's.  The first (OO-ZPM) came in service in 1991, followed by the second (OO--ZTQ) and the third (OO-YLX).  My first flight was in June 1991 and made several cross-country flights in differend countries.

Rubbik Gobé

During a gliding camp in Gyongyos, Hungary in 1993, I had the opportunity to fly this standard basic trainer dissigned and constructed In Hungary by Professor Rubik from the well-known "Rubik cube"

With this glider I became my winch-launch rating.

IS28 B

During a gliding camp in Gyongyos, Hungary in 1994, I had the opportunity to fly this all metal two seater, constructed in Romania.

Schleicher ASW19

During a gliding camp in Aboyne, Scotland in November 1994, I had the opportunity to perform wave flying with this ASW19.

SZD-42 Jantar 2

Privat glider of Mr. Hugo Mertens, I was very suprised by the gentle flight characteristics of this Polish open class glider. I flew it ones in 2003.

Schleicher Ka6 cr

During my stay in South Africa from 2006 till 2011 I flew many times the Ka6 from Kranskop Gliding Club on Brits Airfield in the north of the country.

Glasflugel Standard Libelle

During my stay in South Africa from 2006 till 2011 I flew many times the Libelle from Kranskop Gliding Club on Brits Airfield in the north of the country.

Schempp-Hirth Nimbus 3T

This 24 meter wing span glider was privat owned by Mr. Jan Evens till 2005,  I made one introductory flight, just before it was sold.

Schempp-Hirth Ventus2cxT

I had the opportunity to make two times a introductory flight with this high performance competition glider, in 2007 and in 2008. Till now my favorite glider!

Glaser-Dircks DG300

Privat glider from Mr. Peter Appeltans.  I made one flight with this DG300 "YY"

 Glasflugel BS1

This legendary glider dessigned in 1962 was the first full glass fiber glider.  50 years later still a pleasant glider to make cross country flights during my stay in South Afrika. The BS1 is owned by Wings'n Tracks on Brits Airfield.  I made my first 500km distance with the BS1 in 2011.

Duo Discus XLT

After some test flights with the company Duo from Schempp--Hirth, Albatros gliding club has purchased a brand new Duo Discus XLT in 2012 as link to the future of the gliding club.

Schleicher Ka7

Started as student in 1980 at Zwartberg (EBZW) with the Ka7 OO-ZMJ.  First solo flight in 1981 in the same plane. On this picture the OO-ZYF, one of the two Ka7's of Albatros (EBZH).  With this glider and together with the OO-ZTJ I made more than 1000 flights as instructor on the back seat.

Schemp-Hirth Ventus bT

Privat glider from Mr. Johan Luyckx, he gives me the opportunity to fly his Ventus twice in 1997. This was my first experiance to fly home with a sustainer.

Grob G103 Twin II

The "EY" is in service by Albatros since 1980 and used for advanced training.  From 2008 the Twin is the basic trainer together with ES and EJ. I have about 250 hours and 450 flights on Twin since first solo in April 1990. Most of them as instructor on the back seat.

LAK 17bT

The picture shows the lak 17aT, but I had the oppotunity to fly the Lak 17bt owned by Mr. Daniel Rodic in South Africa.

Scheibe SF-25D Falke

The SF25D is the 18 meter version of the Motorfalke. The D-KDBD is owned by Albatros since 2005. I became my touring motor glider rating in June 2005 and have since than about 100 hours on the Falke, mainly as instructor cross country for student glider pilots.

UFM13 Lambada

The Lambada is a brilliant compromise between confortable traveling and soaring in one plane.  With the changeable wing tips you have the choice between 13 meter or 15 meter span.  I flew it the first time in 2003 in Czech Republik.  I became my rating in 2007 in South Africa and have now about 200 hours on the Lambada.

Piper Super Cub PA18-150

Immediately after I became my PPL in 1985 I started as tug pilot by Albatros with this 150hp Cub.  I made 2100 glider tows with the "LAP" till the aircraft was sold in 2004.

Piper PA25-235 Pawnee

In the 90's there was a need for more powerfull tow planes because of the heavier gliders.  I made about 500 glider tows with the "PAL" till the plane was sold in 2001.

Cessna C-172

Rating in August 1999 and have only 3 hours on 172.

Piper Cub PA18-90

I made my first steps in the world of the power planes in 1995 with the Piper Cub. First solo March 1995 (after one hour instruction flight). I became my PPL in August of the same year. The picture shows my own Cub  that I complete refurbished by my self and owned from 1999 till 2006.

Jodel DR315

Private plane from Mr. Hugo Mertens.  I became a rating on this plane in 1998 to make an unforgettable trip trough Scandinavia.

Cessna C-152

I became my rating on the C-152 in March 1998 for training flights to prepare for the "international PPL". In those days the national license was separate from the international license.

Nord 2000

The French version of the "Olympia" is flying by the vintage gliding club "Les Foucheur des Marguerites" owned by Mr. Firmin Henrard. To matter of the centenary of Kiewit Airfield in 2009 I flew this glider ones during the celebration.

Robin DR400

Purchased in 2002 by Albatros as glider tug. Till now in 2012 I made 3400 glider tows in 350 flying hours. The DR400 has a 4-blade prop and a special exhaust silencer to reduce noise for the environment.

Samba XL

Since the European ultralights in South-Africa are flying as "Non Type Certified" with PPL, many flying schools in S-Africa converted their air park to this more economical big brother from the Samba. full Carbon fibre with a Rotax 100hp, flying on "95" cargas and a fuel consumption of 10 l/h.

VL3 / Flamingo

In the category of the "Non Type Certified" aircrafts is the South African Flamingo (VL3 microlight in Europe) the fastest and most economical aircraft to fly distances from 1000km.  I flew with the Flamingo 75 hours cross country over the amasing South-African landscape.

Aviat A1 Husky

The Husky is a Piper Cub "on steroids".  180hp constand speed prop and fowler flaps makes him a powerfull glider tug.  Since 2009 privat as spare tug for Albatros.

UFM11 Samba

When I started with my "out of Africa" adventure in 2006, the small samba was the first plane I flew to become my South-African validation license.  This aircraft is used to tow gliders and is with the 100hp Rotax the most economcal tug I ever flew. I was towing with this Samba on te SA-National Gliding Championships.  230 landings, 100 hours.


During a gliding camp in Gyongyos, Hungary in 1994, I had the opportunity to fly this all metal single seater, constructed in Romania.  The IS29-D2 has a retractable gear and flaps.